Get Instant Access To 3 High-Quality, Done-For-You Video Lead Magnets With Private Label Rights That Will Help You Build Your List And Promote The Hottest Affiliate Products!

These “Plug-And-Play” PLR Funnels Contain Everything You Need To Get Started…

Video Lead Magnets
Engaging, top-class, and informative videos that you can give away to get people to sign up for your email list.
Professional, high-converting squeeze pages ready to be deployed and collect emails, 24/7.
Convenient video watch pages where subscribers can consume the high-quality video content you’ll be giving away.
Easily promote the hottest affiliate products that convert like gangbusters.
A done-for-you, professionally-written set of powerful follow-up emails.
Eye-popping graphics for each product so you don’t have to hire expensive and unreliable freelance graphic designers.
Solid, superb PLR reports that reinforce the main points of the videos.
And much, much more!

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Now You Can Finally Deploy An “Affiliate Marketing Machine” Without Doing All The Hard Work!

Mike Steup

From The Laptop Of: Mike Steup (Successful PLR Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur.)

Subject: Get Instant Access To The ULTIMATE Video Lead Magnet Packages…

Dear Struggling Marketer,

Let’s face it…

Trying to build a list without the right approach usually ends in total frustration.

Not only do you waste your valuable time, but also something equally important: your money.

After all, it’s not easy to put up a free, quality offer to entice people into subscribing to your list all by yourself.

You usually need to outsource the whole process, and that, as you might’ve guessed, is prohibitively expensive.


What if you could finally start building your list without having to do any of the hard stuff and promote the hottest, best converting affiliate products at the same time?

I’m Talking About Getting

Look, after many months of hard work, a tiny fortune spent, and tons of sleepless nights…

I created a top-notch, fantastic Video Lead Magnet PLR package that you can deploy as soon as today without the need to create everything from scratch yourself.

All you have to do is grab this package, follow the super easy instructions to get everything set up, and you’re ready to start collecting emails.

Again, all the hard work is already done for you!


Video Lead Magnets With Private Label Rights

Video Lead Magnets with PLR

Video Lead Magnets With Private Label Rights is a one-of-a-kind, high-quality Private Label Rights package that will help you finally get long-term affiliate sales while making you stand out from other struggling marketers.

It’s the perfect solution if you want to build a responsive list while promoting in-demand, popular affiliate products that sell like hotcakes!

Here's the deal... You're about to gain access to 3 COMPLETE funnels that will help you build your list and promote the hottest affiliate products at the same time.

Each package contains a high quality, information packed video that will teach your audience a different aspect of Internet Marketing. You can give this video away for free to build your email list and start to build trust with your new subscribers.

The key here is this... each video is designed to sell a high converting, high commission affiliate product that will help your subscribers even more.

The video teaches them everything they need to know about the subject (in the case of these videos... Email Marketing, Sales Funnels, Different Ways to Make Money Online), and then ends by showing them how they can fast-track their success by purchasing the product promoted at the end of the video.

It's a time-tested formula that works like gang-busters.

Show them the hard way to do it... then show them the easier way. This is a formula that has been successful for a very long time.

Let's take a closer look at the Video Lead Magnets you'll be getting...

You're About To Get Full Access To These 3 Video Lead Magnets With Private Label Rights Today:

Video Lead Magnet #1:
Top Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

This unique video shows your audience the top “email marketing sins” that they should avoid if they want to succeed and finally take their email marketing efforts to the next level.

Here's What You Get In This Video Lead Magnet Package...

15 Minute Video - This video covers the most common mistakes people make with email marketing, and how you can avoid making these same mistakes. Your subscribers will also learn how to avoid making these mistakes to fast-track their email marketing efforts!
Funnel Includes Recurring Commission - This video and follow up emails promotes one of the best email marketing courses you'll ever find, and includes recurring commissions so you'll keep getting paid month after month. In addition to this amazing email marketing course, the follow up emails you'll be provided with also promote other products that will help them make more money from their email marketing and other aspects of their online business.
Who Can Benefit From This Video? That's the great thing about this Video Lead Magnet. Pretty much EVERYONE can benefit from this content. Everyone NEEDS to build their email list, so anyone who is trying to make money online will find the information in this video extremely useful. This means you will have no shortage of people who will gladly join your list in order to gain access to this information!

Video Lead Magnet #2:
3 Keys To A Successful Sales Funnel

An informative, insightful video that shows your audience the 3 key elements of an uber-successful funnel that converts!

Here's What You Get In This Video Lead Magnet Package...

17 Minute Video - This video goes through each part of a successful funnel... and explains why each part is important and how to put it all together to ensure it sells like crazy. Nothing is left out here. Your audience will know exactly how to create their own high converting sales funnels after watching this 17 minute video.

But of course, we'll end the video by showing them a super easy way to fast-track everything so they can get their funnels up and running way quicker by automating all of the tedious parts of the process, and even how to tap in to high converting funnels that are already created to start profiting instantly!

High Converting Front End Offer & Killer Funnel - This Video Lead Magnet promotes one of the best - and certainly one of the most useful - SaaS offers I've ever come across. The main product pays out up to $604 per sale, and the follow up emails you'll be provided with can nearly double that total. This is one of the highest paying funnels you'll every come across!
Who Can Benefit From This Video? This video will appeal to a wide audience, but particularly those who have already seen some level of success from their own online business, but want to take their results to the next level. Mainly people who have created their own products but just don't know how to maximize their sales and are looking for help to make more money.

Video Lead Magnet #3:
Top Ways To Make Money Online

In this fantastic and well-produced video, your subscribers will learn the best, most profitable money-making strategies that they can implement as soon as today!

Here's What You Get In This Video Lead Magnet Package...

16 Minute Video - This video teaches the 3 best ways to make money online, and then wraps it up by giving a bonus FOURTH way to make money that brings everything they just learned together and makes everything so much easier for them. Like I said a moment ago, show them the hard way first... then show them the easier way. Now your audience is ready to make money... and SO ARE YOU!
High Ticket Commission Funnel - This video promotes a high ticket offer that will pay you up to $3,136.50 per sale! How's that for a pay day? The product this video promotes converts at a high level and has an insanely low refund rate. That means people who buy this product are incredibly happy and will likely buy more from you as they work their way through the rest of the funnel you'll receive as part of this package!
Who Can Benefit From This Video? This video course is perfect for two groups of people. First, this video will appeal to anyone who has been trying to make money online for a while, but just can't seem to break through and start seeing results. This video will help bring everything together and give them a clear path to follow.

But it will also appeal to the fast-growing group of people who want to quit their job and make money online so they can work from home and lead a better live. After Covid-19, people saw what it's like to work from home, and they want to get that back. This video course will help them achieve that goal... and YOU can be the one to bring it to them!

Here's Everything You Get With Each Video Lead Magnet PLR Package...

Video Lead Magnets

Module #1

Video Lead Magnet

This is, obviously, the main part of this package. The meat and potatoes as they say. Each video is packed with high quality, actionable content. Your new subscribers will learn valuable tactics that will help them make more money, and they'll love you for giving them that content. And the best part is, each video is designed to promote a high converting affiliate product, giving you a hands-free way to make affiliate sales while you build your mailing list.

(Value $197)

High Converting Opt In Page

Module #2

High Converting Opt-In Page

If you want to build your list, you need a high converting squeeze page. That's not a question, it's just a fact. I have tested HUNDREDS of different opt-in pages in my 20-plus years in the Internet Marketing field, and you get to benefit from that. This opt-in page is proven to convert so your traffic isn't wasted. And the best part is, if you use OptimizePress all you need to do is import the page using the provided code, add your Autoresponder info, and you're ready to start building your list!

(Value $97)

Watch Internet Marketing Video

Module #3

Watch Video Page

Besides getting people to join your mailing list so they can watch the videos, the most important thing is to give a way to... watch the videos. So you'll get a killer page where your new subscribers can watch the video. The Watch Video page includes a link to buy the product to help maximize your profits. And, like the Squeeze Page, if you use OptimizePress all you need to do is import the template using the provided code, add your links, and you're good to go!

(Value $47)

Sales Funnel

Module #4

Complete Sales Funnel

Not only do you get the Video Lead Magnet and Report to get them on your list, you also get a full sales funnel to maximize profits. As we've already talked about, each video is designed to promote one hot-selling affiliate product. But it doesn't stop there. That's because you also get a proven set of emails to add to your autoresponder that promote not only that hot-selling product, but others just like it that are proven sellers. Each email is expertly written to ensure maximum profits for YOU!

(Value $197)

LeadGen Report

Module #5

Matching Lead Gen Report

To go along with the high quality video, you'll also get the content of the video in the form of a report. You can give this away for free along with the video, use it for content on your website, or give it away separately from the video.

Note: Content of this LeadGen Report is the same as the content of the video. It just gives you a second option to use the content as you see fit.

(Value $97)

Professional Graphics

Module #6

Professional Graphics

As with everything else in this package - you get only the best with the graphics. You get high quality, professional graphics for every part of this package. Plus, you get the PSD files where possible so you can customize everything as much as possible to fit your brand and style!

(Value $77)

Video Script

Module #7

Video Script

Want to re-record the video in your own voice to further brand the video as your own? No problem. You get the complete script to make it easy as can be!

(Value $39)

Editable Source Files

Module #8

Editable Source Files

You get all of the source files so you can make any changes you want. PSD, Camtasia, Word, TXT... everything you need to customize every part of this package.

(Value $97)

Private Label Rights License

Module #9

Private Label Rights License

You get Private Label Rights to the whole package - this means you can add your name, change the titles, change the content, claim it as your own. Just about anything you want. Please see the provide PLR License that is provided with your downloads, or see the bottom of this page for the full License.

Click The Button Below To Get Immediate Access To Video Lead Magnets With PLR!

Important: This low, rock-bottom price of only $37 won't last forever– so take action now while you can!

Forget About Boring, Robotic AI Content… These Plug 'n Play PLR Packages Were Created By REAL HUMANS!

No AI Content

The quality of this one-of-a-kind PLR package will blow your mind, so don’t expect to find AI content here.

Every single word was written by experienced, professional writers and copywriters, and the videos were created by top-tier video producers.

So, rest assured that this isn’t one of your typical half-baked, generic, cookie-cutter PLR packages.

You’re getting access to SOLID and ORIGINAL content created and produced by REAL people you can use to build a responsive list while promoting affiliate products that are in demand!

Here's Why This Video Lead Magnet Package Is Right For You...

It’s the easiest way to promote the best affiliate products while building a list of loyal subscribers.
You’re getting a PROVEN landing page that converts extremely well. I’ve tested dozens of different landing pages to make sure you will get the best results.
You’ll have all the high-quality content you need to impress your subscribers.
It’s all done for you, so all you have to do is download this package, customize a few things here and there, and upload it to your server. Don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly what to do!
You’ll have all the material you need to get started, such as high-converting emails, professional graphics, reports, and much more!
Remember, there’s NO AI-generated content. Everything was written and produced by real professionals!
And much, much more!

But That’s Not All… We're Also Loading You Up With Some Great Exclusive Bonuses!

Subject Line Templates

Bonus #1: Subject Line Templates

The hardest part of email marketing is to get your emails opened. After all, if no one opens them, you're not going to make any money, right?

These subject lines are proven to get people to open your emails. Not only that, but you'll learn WHY they works so well, so you can better craft the body of the email to ensure it delivers the effect you want... and make YOU more money!

Bonus #2: Email Templates

Ever sat down at your computer to write an email, but you ended up just staring at a blank screen for far too long?

That’s pretty common – but it doesn’t have to be that way! That’s because you'll have access to 20 fill-in-the-blank email templates that will fit any kind of email promotion you want to send.

You’re sure to find a template in this pack to meet your needs.

Email Templates
How to Write Effective Emails In 5 Steps

Bonus #3: How To Write An Effective Email That Gets Clicks In 5 Simple Steps

You can build a big list, but if no one reads and clicks on your emails, then a big list isn’t going to do you much good. That’s why you’ll want to follow this step-by-step process for creating effective emails that get opened, get read, and generate results.

This 5 step system is proven to get results, so you can send your promos with confidence knowing you'll get the best results possible.

Bonus #4: Top 10 Ways To Get Completely Free Traffic

We all need traffic to our offers, right? And it isn't always in the budget to use the usual paid traffic sources.

No worries, as there are plenty of ways to generate free traffic. And best of all, these traffic methods create warm “ready to order” traffic – so good that you couldn’t buy it even if you wanted to.

These free traffic methods will keep subscribers and sales coming in even when you don't want to break the bank to get the website visitors you need!

10 Ways to Get Free Traffic
Traffic FAQ

Bonus #5: Traffic FAQ - Why Your Traffic Isn't Working & How To Fix It

Generating traffic to your sites isn't always as easy as people make it seem. There will be problems that pop up - questions that you may have and can't seem to find the answers to. This report tackles the most common traffic related questions and how you can fix the problem.

If you're getting plenty of traffic, but no one is buying, this report is for you. If you can't decide what traffic source is best for you, this report is for you. If you need to get a boost in traffic, this report is for you.

You get the point. This report is for YOU.

My Unconditional, No-Questions-Asked
60 Day Money Back Guarantee:

I want to offer you a risk-free guarantee to put your mind at ease.

I invite you to go ahead and grab the Video Lead Magnets PLR package…

Download it, examine it, and even use it for 60 days (two whole months).

In the unlikely event that you don’t like what you see or you just change your mind, then it’s all good…

All you have to do is shoot me an email, and I’ll quickly process your refund (no questions asked, ever).

Either you’re jazzed with this extremely valuable package or your money back!

There’s NO risk here, so what’s there to lose?

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Important: This low, rock-bottom price of only $37 won't last forever– so take action now while you can!

Get this Offer NOw

Price Is Going Up… Don’t Let That Happen!

It’s simple…

The massive value I’m providing here will save you tons of time and money (...and frustration).

Because if you take action right now, you don’t have to create everything by yourself or even hire unreliable freelancers who will mess it up.

With this Video Lead Magnets PLR package, all you need to do is deploy the squeeze pages, and you’re ready to collect emails.

The videos, emails, reports, graphics, and lead capture pages are already done for you.

So, it’s completely normal to increase the price since this is a PLR package of the highest quality.

My suggestion is that you grab a copy right now while the price is only $37.

Very soon, I’ll increase it to $47 or even more, so take action now!

Video Lead Magnets

Get Instant Access To All 3 Video Lead Magnets With Private Label Rights

Ready to super charge your list building and affiliate marketing efforts at the same time? Download this Video Lead Magnet package today and get everything on this page for one extremely low price...

Instant access: Get started with no delays

You'll gain instant access to this entire package after making payment. The access link will be sent to your email for your convenience.

Exclusive bonuses: Included with purchase

You get all 5 bonuses when you order today. Fair warning, these bonuses can be removed at any time!

Protected: Money-back guarantee

You have a full SIXTY (60) days to make sure this package is right for you. If you decide it isn't all you were looking for, just shoot me an email and I'll issue you're refund as soon as possible. No questions asked.

Just $37 For A Limited Time...

Important: This low, rock-bottom price of only $37 won't last forever– so take action now while you can!

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

Mike Steup Marketing

P.S. Remember, there’s no risk here. With my 60-day money-back guarantee, you can go ahead and access this unique PLR package with total confidence.

P.P.S. I don’t want to repeat myself, but Video Lead Magnets With PLR is a breath of fresh air! There’s nothing else like this out there!

Important: This low, rock-bottom price of only $37 won't last forever– so take action now while you can!

Got questions? We got answers...

For Product Support, please contact the seller HERE.

For Order Support, please contact ClickBank HERE.

How Can Video Lead Magnets Help Me?

You can use these Video Lead Magnets to build your email list and promote the best affiliate products at the same time. The hardest part of building a highly responsive mailing list is creating an offer good enough to get them to subscribe and then provide enough quality content to get your new subscribers to trust you.

This package takes care of both - you get a very high quality training video to give away to get people to join your mailing list, and the quality of the training and content they receive will show them that you know what you're doing and they can trust you.

Content like this can cost thousands to develop yourself, but you get it at a fraction of the cost with this package.

What Does PLR Mean?

Private Label Rights - PLR for short - basically means that you can take the content and claim it as your own. Put your name on it and edit it as you see fit. Most PLR products comes with a unique set of rules, and this package is no different. You can view the PLR License Here and see what you can, and cannot do with this package.

What Can I Do With This Package?

You do ALMOST anything you want with this PLR package. Click here to view the full PLR License so you know the full terms before purchasing this package.

What If I Need Help?

If you need help with any part of the Video Lead Magnets package, just let me know and I'll help out the best I can. Just send an email to and I'll get back to you as soon as I am able.

How Do I Access My Purchase?

After making your purchase, you should be sent access to the download page. If, for any reason, you do not get sent to the download page, please send me me an email to When you send your email, please include your email address you used when purchasing, full name, and order number. I will send you your download info as soon as I am able once I receive your email.

What Is The Refund Policy?

You have a full 60 days to test this out to make sure it is right for you. If at any time you decide this isn't all I told you it would be, or it isn't working for you, just let me know. Contact me at and let me know and I'll process the refund as soon as possible. Be sure to include your Order Number and Email Address to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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