Video Lead Magnets with PLR

Hey Cesar - you can find the product access below. Just a few things to mention.

Each package contains the video they can give away to build their list and a text report version. Both contain the same info (the report is basically the script for the video), they get both in case there are situations where giving away the report is better than the video. Or they can give them access to both at the same time if they prefer.

It is really to give them more options. The main part of the package is the video, the report is more of a bonus just in case they need it.

Second, they get an email follow up series with each package. I don't have these finished yet, but I don't think you need them to write the copy. Just to know that each package comes with 7-15 follow up emails. The emails promote the main product featured in the video, and then a few related products to maximize profits. If you do need to see the emails to write the copy, let me know. I'm just about done with them but didn't want that to hold up getting the copy written.

Third, they get a graphics package as well, but I'm still working on those. Again, you probably don't need to see the graphics to write the copy, but the group image I've included below is a good representation of what they'll receive.

Any questions at all, just let me know.



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