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I Want to Help You Sell More of Your Best Products With My Latest Product Launch...

From: Mike Steup

Re: My First Product Launch in Over 6 Years

After taking some time away from the IM space - what was supposed to be just a few months off turned into about 4 years away - I'm back and getting ready for my first product launch in over 6 years.

I've been working on this new project for the past few weeks, and it's one that I'm really excited about. And that's mostly because this project is designed to help YOU sell more of your best products by getting more affiliates promoting your products through high quality videos I will be creating.

But they're not just any old videos... these videos actually provide real value and are produced using a professional voice artist. You can see one of the videos that is already created at the bottom of this page so you can see for yourself. It's over 15 minutes worth of solid info that was designed to sell one product.

I don't have the full details of the product launch ready for you - I am still in the planning phase for the most part. It will be called Video Lead Magnets (clever name, I know). But customers will get:

High quality video that gives solid, useable information - With Private Label Rights
Professionally written guide that the video is based on - With Private Label Rights
Squeeze page to give the video away
Follow Up Series - specifically designed to sell your product
And more to come

The goal is to give customers a new, easy way to promote affiliate products. Give their subscribers/visitors solid info about a topic, and then show them a product that will make it easier to make money. Simple, but still effective.

They simply insert their affiliate link to your product in a few places, upload everything, and they have a full system in place to promote your products.

But anyway, back to what this means for you...

I will create a high quality video like the one below with valuable content related to your product. The video, the follow up emails, everything designed to sell your product.

All I need from you is a few simple things:

First, which product you want me to create a video for. Something evergreen that will be available for a while.
Where people can get their affiliate link
How much affiliates can make throughout the funnel
Follow up emails if you have them. I won't use your exact emails (unless you want me to), but will use them as a reference to create a new follow up series.
If you require approval before affiliates can promote (such as in JV Zoo or Warrior Plus), agree to approve them if they tell you they are from Video Lead Magnet PLR. Within reason, of course. If they have a high refund rate, I don't expect you to approve it.

Really, a link to your JV page would probably be good enough, and I can take it from there.

If this is something you to be a part of, just shoot me an email ( or a message on Facebook with that info and I'll get started creating the content and video to promote your product.

Here's another way I want to help you out...

In addition to the main product that will be promoted through each video, the follow up series will also promote several other products once the follow ups for the main product are finished.

That means there is room for other products you might want to have promoted through this project. These will just be general IM products, so it doesn't need to be matched to the content of the video.

So if you have any "secondary" products you'd like to include, feel free to send those along as well and I'd be happy to include them to help you get even more out of this.

Thank you for taking the time to take a look at this after all these years I've been away. As I work my back into the IM space, I'd be happy to support any launches you have coming up when I'm able.

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