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Want one of your products featured in a Video Lead Magnet & get 100's of affiliates promoting your product? Click Here!

Make Up To $140.50 Per Sale & Recurring Commission... PLUS Cash Prizes For Everyone (No Limits)

Video Lead Magnets

Launch Starts July 18, 8:00 AM EST & Ends July 23, 11:59 PM EST

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Video Lead Magnets with PLR

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The Product & Funnel

Video Lead Magnets with PLR

Front End Product - 3 Video Lead Magnets with PLR - $27 (Pays 50%)

The front end gives customers three Video Lead Magnets, complete with follow up emails and other tools they need to start making money and building their list.

Order Bump - 15 Social Media Videos To Promote The Lead Magnets - $10 (Pays 50%)

This order bump will give customers 15 videos that they can use to promote their new Video Lead Magnets - 5 videos for each of the three lead magnets. Each video will give a helpful tip that the viewer can actually use, then guide them towards the lead magnet to learn more. This will be a high converting offer since it gives them an instant way to promote their lead magnets. The videos can be used on Tik Tok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, or Twitter - really, any platform they choose to help drive traffic to their new squeeze pages.

OTO 1 - Monthly Membership - $9.97/month - $47/6 months - $97/year (Pays 50%)

OTO 1 is a monthly membership that gives members one new Video Lead Magnet per month.

Customers will be given the option of a recurring monthly membership, or taking a 6-month or yearly option to save money. But by taking the 6-month or yearly option, you get more money upfront. Pays 50% for each option.

OTO 2 - Email Marketing Software - $67/year, or $147/lifetime (Pays 50%)

Total Commission Per Customer - Up To $140.50 (before Clickbank fees)

Contest & Cash Prizes

$500 In Overall Sales Contest Money Up For Grabs, Plus Cash Escalator Prizes Everyone Can Win!

Video Lead Magnet JV Contest

**Launch contest is based on total sales amount, with no minimum sales required**

Video Lead Magnet JV Contest

Escalator Prizes - Additional Cash Prizes ANYONE Can Earn! (Front End Sales Only)

Make 25 sales, you get a $25 cash bonus. Make 50 sales, that's a $50 bonus in your pocket. 75 sales? Yep, you guessed it. $75 straight to you. Here's the full breakdown...

Escalator Prizes** - On Top of Overall Contest Cash (front end sales only):

25 front end sales... $25

50 front end sales... $50

75 front end sales... $75

100 front end sales... $200 - Once you hit 100 sales, Escalator prizes DOUBLE

150 front end sales... $300

200 front end sales... $400

And so on.

You get the picture. The more sales you make, the higher your bonus. Escalator prizes are only available during the initial launch period of July 18 - July 23.

*Cash prizes for the main contest will be paid the day after the launch ends

** For Escalator Prizes, please contact me after the launch with your Clickbank ID so I can confirm and send you your cash prize!

Get  Your Affiliate Link

We are using Clickbank for this launch. It is a time-tested platform that pays out every week like clockwork. If you don't have a Clickbank account, you can get one for free here.

You have two options to promote Video Lead Magenets

1. Straight to the sales page. I think this is pretty self explanatory.

2. Squeeze page that gives away a free Video Lead Magnet package, and sends them straight to the sales page for the main package right after signing up. This is perfect to add to your thank you/download pages and follow up emails giving your peeps a free gift. This is especially effective for hands free commissions after the initial launch period.

Affiliate Link: Straight to The Sales Page

Replace XXXXX With Your Clickbank ID

Affiliate Link: Free Video Lead Magnet Package

Replace XXXXX With Your Clickbank ID

Promo Tools & Email Swipes

Promo Emails - List Building Angle

Email #1
Email #2
Email #3

Subject: A Plug-N-Play PLR Package For List Builders?


Building a list of subscribers can be a total pain in the neck if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Until today, the only way to build a list was to create your own free offer to give away and set up the funnel yourself.

Sure, some people are good at that, but if you’re anything like me, the smartest way to go about this is to outsource.

But, there’s a slight problem…

It’s SUPER expensive!

Imagine hiring writers, copywriters, video editing freelancers, and web developers all at the same time.

You could find yourself easily blowing thousands of dollars at a lightning-fast rate…

But what if I told you there’s a way to create your list-building empire without putting in tons of work?

=> Click Here To Discover Video Lead Magnets With PLR

Yes, with “Video Lead Magnets With PLR,” now you can.

This is every aspiring list builder's dream come true…

Because the hard work is already done for you.

You get…

     • Quality, informative PLR videos that you can give away.
     • A high-converting squeeze page ready to collect emails.
     • A profits-generating set of emails promoting killer affiliate products.
     • Reports to match the videos.
     • Mind-blowing graphics.
     • Plus you get the editable source files to all of it!

=> Click Here To Grab Video Lead Magnets With PLR

Right now, you can take advantage of the rock-bottom price of $27 during the launch period, but it will soon rise to $37 or even more…

So grab your copy now while the price is still a steal!

Talk soon,

[Insert Your Name Here]

P.S. This is an “email marketing shortcut” that will get you there fast… there’s no need to make things complicated.

=> Click Here To Grab Video Lead Magnets With PLR

Subject: Build Your List The “Lazy” Way!


If you’re sick and tired of spending the whole day glued to your computer trying to build your list without any results to show for it…

You’ll find this email of high interest.

Here’s why…

You see, the vast majority of newbie list builders commit the mistake of trying to do everything by themselves.

This is not only overwhelming but also counterproductive.

They usually throw in a half-baked free offer that nobody wants and expect to build their list fast.

Well, if this is your case, you probably know that doing this will lead you nowhere.

I have a much better alternative for you…

Video Lead Magnets!

=> Click Here To Get A Set Of Three New Video Lead Magnet Packages

This is an out-of-the-box package of videos that you can give away in order to collect emails for your list.

You get high-quality material that you can give away while, at the same time, you promote HOT affiliate offers!

It’s the closest to a “business in a box” you’ll ever get…

No need to:

     • Waste your time creating a free offer…
     • Paying absurd amounts of money to outsource the work…
     • Pull your hair out of your head trying to do it all by yourself…
     • Get frustrated because you don’t know what affiliate offers to promote...

None of that!

=> Click Here To Get Instant Access To These Video Lead Magnets

I know that they say, “the money is in the list.”

And that’s totally true, but I believe the money is also made when you provide high-quality, top-class informational videos to your audience.

Because as I said before, if you give a crappy offer for free in exchange for emails, you won’t succeed.


If you decide to be different and actually provide VALUE, you’ll see that making profits with email marketing isn’t hard at all!

And the good thing is…

This package of Video Lead Magnets can help you with that!

Give it a go…

You won’t regret it.

[Insert Your Name Here]

P.S. This is an “email marketing shortcut” that will get you there fast… there’s no need to make things complicated.

P.P.S. You also get Private Label Rights to this whole package, so you can truly make the most out of these videos. You get the editable source files to everything, making this a truly can’t-miss offer…

=> Get Started Here

Subject: The Secret Behind Unstoppable List Building


Here’s a little secret that most email marketing “gurus” won’t probably tell you…

When it comes to building their lists, gurus typically don’t do everything manually (it’s a time-consuming endeavor.)

What they do instead is automate the whole lead capture process so that they spend their valuable time in other areas of their business.

This means that while the gurus generate subscribers by giving away FREE valuable stuff, they also promote high-converting offers at the same time.

So, if you’re doing things the old-fashioned way, you’re wasting your time.

You need to leverage a list-building approach that saves you time and is proven to work.

Now, you might be asking…

“How can I automate my list-building efforts just like the pros?”

Simple, with ready-made, high-quality PLR products that you can deploy while promoting sizzling hot affiliate products.

=> Click Here To Get Acess To Video Leads Magnets With PLR…

You see, apart from the automatization mentioned before, it’s crucial that the free offers you give away provide TONS of value to your subscribers.

Because if you just give away half-baked freebies, people won’t feel the need to sign up for your list…

The cool thing about this package of Video Lead Magnets is that it contains THREE mind-blowing, top-notch, and informative videos with PLR that will make people opt-in to your list.

Plus, you’ll also get high-converting squeeze pages, reports, video watch pages, and much more…

=> Click Here To Grab Video Leads Magnets With PLR Now…

This is simple…

If you want to take your current list-building efforts to the next level without trying to do everything yourself (and spend tons of money and valuable time in the process…)

You should take advantage of this set of THREE Video Leads Magnets With PLR right now while you can.

Talk soon,

[Insert Your Name Here]

P.S. These aren’t short videos that will leave your subscribers wondering why they wasted their time. No, the shortest video in this package is 15 minutes long, so your subscribers will are getting plenty of high quality content from these videos.

=> Get Started Here…

Promo Emails - Affiliate Marketing Angle

Email #1
Email #2
Email #3

Subject: Here’s an easy way to get affiliate sales…


One of the biggest problems with affiliate marketing is there is just so much competition.

Everyone jumps on the latest launch with their huge mailing list.

Or everyone has a huge bonus package if they get the product from them.

But what if you can’t compete with the “big boys” when it comes to promoting affiliate products?

You need a way to stand out from the crowd.

You need a way to get people to click on your link even if you don’t have a huge list.

And that’s where the new Video Lead Magnets package comes in.

This package gives you 3 high quality, informative videos that you can give away to build your list.

But more importantly, each video is designed to promote one high converting affiliate offer.

=> Get Your Video Lead Magnets Package Here

The video gives your viewers tons of great information. It shows them how to do something, but hints at an easier way to do it throughout the video.

And that’s how you stand out – you give them high quality info, show them how to do something, and then the video promotes a high converting offer at the end that shows your viewers a much easier way to do the same thing. A shortcut.

It’s a time-tested sales method. Show them the hard way to do something, and sell them the easy way to accomplish the same thing.

It works like gang-busters, and that’s exactly what this package of Video Lead Magnets will do for you.

You get THREE high quality videos that are packed with great info that will help your audience. And at the end, and even throughout the videos, it promotes a high converting affiliate product that will make their lives easier and actually help them.

=> Get Your Video Lead Magnets Package Here

If you want a way to stand out from the crowd and finally start making consistent affiliate sales, this is the perfect solution for you.

Click that link above to get started today!

Take care,

[Insert Your Name Here]



Promo Emails - PLR Angle

Email #1
Email #2
Email #3

Subject: The Most Unique PLR Offer I’ve Seen In A Long Time
Subject: Finally, a unique PLR offer…
Subject: This PLR isn’t like the rest…

Hi [NAME],

If you’re like me – and I’m assuming you are since you’re reading this – you have a ton of PLR content you’ve downloaded over the years that you haven’t done anything with.

And that’s probably because after you downloaded it, you realized it was complete crap.

Either the content was outdated, it was poorly written, or it just wasn’t what you thought it would be.

I’ve been there. You’ve been there. Everyone has had that moment when they download the PLR they just got and realize they can’t do anything with it.

Sucks, right?

Well, today I have something for you that you won’t regret after you download it.

It’s called Video Lead Magnets with PLR, and it is among the highest quality PLR content I’ve seen in a long time.


You get a high quality training video that you can give away to build your list, plus everything you need to customize it to make it your own unique offer.

But here’s the kicker…

Each video is designed to promote a high converting affiliate product, so you can earn affiliate commissions while you build your list.

You get a ton of content besides the training video, but that’s the meat of this one. You can give your prospects a high quality training video – and when I mean high quality, I mean they can watch this video and immediately start putting what they learned to use to make them more money.

Click here to see everything else you get. [LINK THIS TEXT TO YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

If you’re tired of low quality, garbage PLR content, you’ll want to check this one out as soon as you can. It’s refreshing to finally see something that can actually help people… and make you money at the same time.

This is one that you don’t want to pass up.

Talk soon,


Subject: Get PLR to High Quality Training Videos

Hi [NAME],

I want to be quick today, because I really don’t know how long this will be available.

I just came across a killer PLR package that gives you THREE high quality training videos that you can give away to build your mailing list.

And not only that, but it gives you a way to cash in on some of the highest converting affiliate offers at the same time.

Check out everything you get here [LINK YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

And the best part is, you get everything you need to get started right away…

- The Training Video
- LeadGen page to capture subscribers
- Full follow up series to maximize affiliate sales
- The script, audio file, and slides all separate so you can edit anything you want, if needed
- Full professional graphics

And you get full Private Label Rights to all of it so you can edit everything to match your style as you see fit.

Be sure to check this out today, I really don’t know how long this will be available. But I can’t imagine it will be very long, especially at this price…

Click here to get yours today [LINK YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

I’m sure this is something that can help you make more money very quickly.

Talk to you soon!


P.S. It is currently at it’s lowest price, so get it now before they raise the price again.

Subject: What I like most about this PLR package

Hi [Name] – It’s [YOUR NAME] again. I’ve been telling you about this new, unique PLR package for the past few days… Video Lead Magnets… and today I wanted to talk to you about my favorite part of this.

And really, I’ve touched on it a little bit already. But my favorite part of this PLR package is that it can help you in so many ways.

Need a way to build your list? Check. You can give away these videos to build your list using the pre-made tools they give you.

Want to increase your affiliate profits? Check again. Each video is designed to sell a high converting affiliate offer so you can easily turn a profit just by giving these videos away for free. Plus, each video comes with a complete funnel that is proven to pull in more from other high converting offers.

Want to give your audience high quality training? A final check. These videos are packed with high quality, actionable content that anyone can start using right away to improve their business.

It really is one of the most unique – and useful – PLR packages I’ve come across in a while.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of this PLR package yet, click here to get it today before they raise the price again. [LINK YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

I know these videos will help me make more money… and I know they will do the same for you as well. So be sure to use these videos like I talked about above so you can get the most out of them.


Take care!


Promo Emails - Give Away The Free Video Lead Magnet Package

Email #1
Email #2
Email #3

Subject: Get your free video lead magnet here…
Subject: Here’s a free PLR package for you
Subject: Get this PLR package at no cost…

Hey [NAME] – I hope you’re having a great day! I want to be brief here because I don’t know how long this will be available.

I have a great freebie for you today that will help you build your list and make affiliate sales at the same time.

Click here to get started for free. [Link This Text To Your Affiliate Link]

This package gives you a high quality training video that you can give away to build your list.

But it does more than that. It also gives you a complete sales funnel so you can make bank multiple ways. So you can build your list and make money at the same time.
Not too bad, right?

Like I said, I don’t know how long this will be available for free, so grab this free PLR package right now so you don’t miss out.

[Insert Your Affiliate Link Here]

Talk to you soon,

[Insert Your Name Here]

Subject: Did you get your free PLR package yet?
Subject: Did you get your free video lead magnet with PLR?
Subject: Don’t forget to get your free PLR package here…
Subject: Here’s what you get with this free PLR package

Hey [NAME],

Yesterday, I told you about this PLR package you can get for free for a very limited time.

I wanted to take a few minutes today to explain what, exactly, this PLR package can do for you.

First, it gives you a high quality video training course that you can give away to build your mailing list. Creating a course like this is expensive and time consuming, but this one is already created and ready to go.

Next, it gives you a way to make easy affiliate sales thanks to the complete funnel and follow up series you get with the package. Just insert your affiliate links, and you’re ready to cash in.

But maybe the most important part of this package is you get Private Label Rights to everything. So you can put your name on everything and position yourself as an expert that people can trust and will buy more from in the future.

Remember, this video PLR package won’t be available for free very long. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, be sure to get yours now so you don’t miss out.

=> Click here to get your free PLR package. [Link This Text To Your Affiliate Link]

Take Care,

[Insert Your Name Here]


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